Anchored Homeschooling

Homeschooling Anchored in What is Important to Your Family



Proof of Progress Evaluations

For families in the state of Virginia, I provide end of the year Evaluations that will satisfy the state's yearly Proof of Progress requirement. I do not compare students to public school Standards of Learning. I look at the progress each student has made during the school year. I take into consideration the abilities of the student as well as any special needs. Evaluations are conducted starting in March and continuing through June. I generally start scheduling in February. The cost per student is $60 for the first student and $50 for each student after that. New families, schedule HERE 

Homeschool Consulting

I can provide many types of homeschool consulting. The homeschool environment that is best for you should be anchored in what is important to you - your child's strengths, your faith, homeschool style, or topics that interest you. We can brainstorm about how your kids learn best or the best curriculum options for your family. We can discuss any special needs your student has and the best way to meet their needs. Virtual or In-person in Hampton Roads, VA. Cost varies.


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